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How to Have Your Face to Face Class Recorded (Echo)

Please email or submit a ticket through Web Help Desk (Ticket type: Online Learning > Echo360) if you would like to have your class recorded for students that might not be able to attend in person. Recordings begin and end automagically at the scheduled time. Good To Know Recordings do not have to be […]

How to Use Collaborate to Meet with your Students Real-Time

Getting there In your course, go to Tools > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Click on the name of your course to enter the default course room that is always available OR select Create Session to schedule a session for a specific date and time. Audio options Click the Join Course Room button Click Allow if you […]

How to Use VoiceThread to Create a Lecture

An easy way to create a voice over PowerPoint lecture is to use VoiceThread. You can upload a PowerPoint to VoiceThread and record a comment on each slide. If you wish to replace just one slide, you can!

How to Use Kaltura to Create a Lecture

The attached documentation steps you through the process of installing the Kaltura software, using Kaltura to record lectures, and adding those recordings to your Blackboard course. Where can I record? You can record in the Faculty Multimedia Room (3014) or on your own computer. Kaltura runs on Windows and Mac. Use the instructions below to […]

The Power of Judgment-Free Learning

Shankar Vedantam and his team at NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast, created an amazing episode entitled “When Things Click: The Power of Judgment-Free Learning.“ The episode is about 50 minutes long and starts by explaining the common animal training technique known as clicker training. It later tells the story of Dr. Martin Levy and how he […]

Climate Change and Health

Dr. Robins found some great information on climate change and health from the University of Minnesota Center for Global Health & Social Responsibility. The Center has downloadable PowerPoint slide decks that are available to be used freely for educational and research purposes. The slide decks are excellent and would spark engaging conversation. Other sources on […]

Students Downloading Kaltura Videos on an iPhone or iPad

A number of students have reported the “It seems your browser is blocking 3rd party session cookies which are required for the Kaltura application. To resolve this issue, please update your settings to allow 3rd party cookies.” To address this issue, please see the handout below for instructions on how you can make the iPhone […]

Open Educational Resources (OER)

A former nursing faculty member recently sent this article from the New York Times about the high cost of some college textbooks. There is a movement afoot about the high cost of higher education and what can be done about it. This movement has given rise to some quality free materials that are publicly available. […]

Nursing Apps

There are a number of different apps that are available to nursing students for free. The video below demonstrates AHRQ’s ePSS, Clinical Key, UpToDate, and Epocrates. App Demo I created the video above using my iPhone and Quicktime Player. See this YouTube from sakitech on how to do it.

Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB) is tool that you can use with your students so that when they are taking a test in Blackboard they will be unable to open new windows or connect to the Internet with a different application. First they will need to install the application. A Google search for “VCU Respondus Lockdown […]

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