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Updates from the Aerosol Research Group at VCU

The Aerosol Research Group at Virginia Commonwealth University invites applications from well qualified individuals for Postdoctoral Fellowships focused pharmaceutical development and in vitro / clinical testing of inhalation aerosols. The delivery of medications through the inhalation route provides a number of advantages including rapid uptake, reduced side effects, and direct access to the blood stream and brain without the use of needles. However, existing inhalers are highly inefficient with 30-90% of the medication wasted when administered to adults and 90-99% wasted when administered to children. Our group employs a combination of in vitro, in vivo and clinical experiments with in-house CFD simulations to:

* Develop a new generation of high efficiency inhalers for adults and children
* Target aerosol delivery within the lungs
* Evaluate the performance of inhalers in terms of local lung delivery
* Develop novel inhalation therapies

Applications of these devices and delivery techniques include improved treatments for lung and other diseases such as asthma, COPD, CF, lung cancer, respiratory tract infections, and Alzheimer’s. These open projects are focused on gamma scintigraphy studies delivering aerosols during non-invasive ventilation and the formulation and development of aerosolized surfactants to treat respiratory distress syndrome.

More information on the Aerosol Research Group at VCU can be found at: http://wp.vcu.edu/mhindle/

Funding for the Hindle Lab comes from NIH sources.


Applicants should hold a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences or related subjects with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have a strong interest in pharmaceutical aerosol science. Experience with in vitro aerosol testing and particle engineering is desirable.

To apply, please send the following items to Dr. Mike Hindle at mhindle@vcu.edu:

1. Complete CV in PDF format,
2. Toefl score (if applicable),
3. Graduate transcripts,
4. Names and email address of three references, and
5. Optional: Cover letter summarizing interests and experience.

Contact Information:
Apply to: Virginia Commonwealth University:
410 N. 12th Street, Box 980533
Richmond, Virginia 23298
Phone: 804 828 6497
Email: mhindle@vcu.edu
Website: http://wp.vcu.edu/mhindle/

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