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Updates from the Aerosol Research Group at VCU

Mandana Azimi was awarded an AAPS Travelship sponsored by AstraZeneca ┬áto attend and present her work at this year’s AAPS Annual Meeting in Denver, Nov 13-17. Her poster is entitled “Comparison of the In vitro Deposition of Nasonex┬« Nasal Spray Product in Two Realistic Nasal Airway Models” and is co-authored by Mike Hindle and Worth Longest. Mandana is currently an elected student member of the AAPS Inhalation and Nasal Technology focus group executive committee

In addition, Mandana has been invited to give a podium presentation at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs 27 meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Dec 7-9th 2016. Her presentation is entitled “Clinically relevant in vitro tests for the assessment of innovator and generic nasal spray products” and is co-authored by Mike Hindle and Worth Longest from VCU and Jag Shur and Rob Price from the University of Bath, UK. DDL 27 is an international conference organized by the Aerosol Society with over 400 registrants from around the world.

Mandana’s travels will also be supported by a VCU School of Pharmacy travel award and a VCU Graduate School Travel Award.

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