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What I’m Working On: Wahaaj Khan

Wahaaj Khan, junior computer science major “I’m studying for a final for Theory of Computation. I normally study on the second floor when I’m in a group like this. I like being able to have people around when I’m working or studying.”

What I’m Working On: Oliver Harmon

Oliver Harmon, junior anthropology major “I’m about to take an exam for my human evolution class. I like studying at the library so I have a work environment that isn’t my desk at my apartment, it helps me focus.”  

What I’m Working On: Jason Brown

Jason Brown, freshman cinema major “I’m watching a documentary for a class. I work on the lower level a lot because I spend a lot of time in the Workshop. I use the computers for editing video, and rent out cameras and equipment a lot.”

What I’m Working On: Roxanna Rafat

Roxanna Rafat, sophomore urban planning and psychology double major “I’m working on extra credit for Economic Geography. I like working on the first floor because of the outlets – being surrounded by books and people studying makes you really feel like you’re in a library.”

What I’m Working On: Sophia Nivison

Sophia Nivison, senior forensic science major “I’m working on a crime scene report. I normally work on the second floor but I.m on the first floor today for a change of scenery. I like having people talking around me as background noise when I’m working.”

What I’m Working On: Willow Rudroff

Willow Rudroff, freshman “I’m finishing up a paper for Focused Inquiry. I like working on the first floor of the library because you can tell how focused everyone is. The vibes are really good, and having that energy around me helps me stay focused.”

What I’m Working On: Izzi Gibbs

Izzi Gibbs, senior forensic science and chemistry double major “I’m working on finishing and memorizing a presentation for a forensics class. I do a lot of procrastinating here at night with my friends. Being at the library helps me focus when I’m pulling all nighters.”

What I’m Working On: Ashari and Zorica

Ashari Shelton, freshman biology major & Zorica Abiaduka, senior HPEX major “We have our chemistry lab together, we’re working on a presentation for chem. We like studying on the first floor – it’s quiet in the morning, and I like that the library is really clean.” 

What I’m Working On: Nessa Hewton

Nessa Hewton, junior biology major “I’m working on an essay about microbes for microbio. I’m always at the library, I basically live here. I really like the second floor because we can collaborate, and the environment makes you feel more motivated to study.”

What I’m Working On: Alisha Mughal

Alisha Mughal, senior HPEX major “I’m working on physics homework. I’m here at Cabell all the time. I’m a senior but it’s my first year really using the library as a study space. I really like the booths on the second floor – the natural light and the noise level are great. I like being […]

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