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Many of us really don’t like being tied down to our desk waiting for an important message or phone call. It is a bit of a bummer to be out and about on campus and not know where to go for your next appointment. Perhaps your VCU Campus Shuttle just got a flat tire and you are going to be late to that important meeting on the MCV campus. You need to call the person you are meeting with but you left their telephone number in the office!  Arrrrrgh! What to do?!?!? Fear not! Those of us without Blackberries now have an option. Lotus Notes Traveler to the rescue. Okay, Lotus Notes Traveler has been around for a while. If you have been on the Windows Mobile bandwagon, Lotus Notes Traveler has allowed you access to your VCU email, calendar and contacts for some time.  But now it is on the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. Rumor has it that Lotus Notes Traveler is coming to Android soon too. Hush your mouth, that is a secret so don’t tell!

We wanted to take a closer look at Traveler so we went to visit Pam McGhee of Email Services to get the low down on Traveler for Apple iOS devices and the down low on that possible Android sighting. Check out the video below for our talk and demo with Pam or view our chat by visiting the VCU Technology Services YouTube channel.

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