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[PIC] Do You Know Mario?

Would you let this guy work on your computer? In this case you would be safe. Pictured is Rami Hatoum, VCU helpIT Center Supervisor, who recently joined our staff. Some of the VCU helpIT Center staff like to have a little fun during Halloween and Rami is already fitting in nicely. No word yet if […]

[Video] “Be the best customer service unit at VCU”

The title of this blog entry is the first daily activity that VCU CIO Mark WIllis laid out for the VCU Technology Services staff as a key priority at our recent divisional staff meetings. Providing excellent customer service has long been part of the VCU TS mission and has been included on our yearly Mission […]

VCU Blog: Start A Webpage About Anything

[10/18/10 – 11:22 p.m. – This entry was updated to correct errors with regards to requesting a blog for personal versus departmental use. – SK] What do you want to talk about today? Do you like gardening? How about Harry Potter or the new Ford Mustang? Perhaps the new My Chemical Romance album is more your taste. […]

Downtown Fire Resulted In VCU Computer Center Power Disruption

A fire in an underground vault located in downtown Richmond yesterday resulted in power being lost at the VCU Computer Center (VCUCC) housed in the Pocahontas Building. The primary effect is that the building air conditioning was not available causing temperatures in the computer center facility to rise well above 100 degrees yesterday. Backup power […]