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VCU TS & SGA Partner For Improved Wireless Network Connectivty

Members of SGA have been working with VCU Technology Services staff to develop a plan for improving wireless network connectivity at VCU. Check out the Commonwealth Times story for details on this partnership and the planned upgrades.

Get LoJack for your Computer

Get your PC LoJacked! VCU Police offers a discount on LoJack software to track your PC if it goes missing. Best price we have seen for this service. Visit to get the details.

Google Provides Updated Gmail Inbox Look

Google has begun rolling out a new Gmail inbox interface to VCU student,, faculty, and staff accounts this week. Customers are not required to implement the new look, it is a choice. Google touts this change as a way to give customers more control of email communications and more easily cut through the noise to get to […]

Now Enjoy 30GB Combined Storage In Gmail & Google Drive

Many VCU community members are seeing the storage in their appsforVCU faculty/staff and myVCUmail student email accounts combined with their Google Drive storage for a total of 30GB across both Google Apps for Education services. This increase was announced earlier by Google but we have been waiting for it to take effect. Saving a 1GB file […]

Additional appsforVCU Training Sessions & Getting Started Guide Available

We are well underway on the deployment of the new faculty and staff appsforVCU email service powered by Google Apps for Education. Many faculty and staff have attended Sneak Peek sessions over the past month. We are now opening up a number of hands-on sessions for appsforVCU email and calendar. These sessions are available on-site […]

Article: How Google Makes The Web Worldwide

Great article by Mike Elgan about his discovery and use of  Google’s translation services. The service is available as a webpage, browser plug-in, baked into Android and on Apple iOS devices. Google has done a good job making this important service available across a multitude of platforms. Their translation service is bringing us towards a […]

EDUCAUSE Takes a Look at Public Campus Computing

Interesting look at campus public computing in the U.S. and abroad in this EDUCAUSE  article. As with many services in higher education, computer lab provisioning is going to be situational based the needs of the individual campus. One size does not fit all.

Instant Messaging With IBM Lotus Sametime 8

Marie Scott, Director of E-Mail Services, knows Lotus Sametime 8. But Marie took it a step further. She wrote a book about it! Marie and her co-author, Thomas Duff, published IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User’s Guide this past September to provide users with a thorough guide on the wide range of features found […]

VCU Reporting Center Debuts

VCU Technology Services has debuted the new VCU Reporting Center. This replaces the Banner Reporting Center and SAS Web Report Studio websites. The easiest way to access the VCU Reporting Center is via the General Resources frame in the myVCU Portal or by visiting More information about this new service is available on the […]

VCU Blog: Start A Webpage About Anything

[10/18/10 – 11:22 p.m. – This entry was updated to correct errors with regards to requesting a blog for personal versus departmental use. – SK] What do you want to talk about today? Do you like gardening? How about Harry Potter or the new Ford Mustang? Perhaps the new My Chemical Romance album is more your taste. […]

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