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VCU 2Factor Migrates To Email, myVCU Portal, & Blackboard In August

VCU is continuing its effort to protect our community from cyber threats that may jeopardize the safety and security of our information. VCU 2Factor authentication will be extended to major services such as email and VCU Portal starting August 1, 2017 and Blackboard on August 15th, 2017. This upcoming change will provide faculty and staff […]

Get LoJack for your Computer

Get your PC LoJacked! VCU Police offers a discount on LoJack software to track your PC if it goes missing. Best price we have seen for this service. Visit to get the details.

FBI to shut down Malicious DNS servers on 7/9/2012

By Dan Han, VCU Information Technology Officer In an effort to take down a cyber crime ring, the FBI seized a number of malicious DNS servers used by cyber criminals to serve malicious websites to workstations infected with this “DNS Changer” malware. In order to complete the take down, the FBI has replaced these malicious […]

Who should protect your privacy? You!

Microsoft is accusing Google today of bypassing Apple’s privacy settings in Safari.  That seems like one convoluted story but we think the real story is a bit different.  Should you trust a corporation to protect your privacy? What with the Path iOS address book brouhaha and the story mentioned above you would think that corporations […]

Security Survey iPad Winner!

We have a winner! Over the summer months our Information Security team gathered data via the secureIT & winIT survey. The survey was used to increase awareness of security related issues as well as to gauge the level of understanding by the public in general.  All the entrants were entered into a drawing for an […]