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Article: How Google Makes The Web Worldwide

Great article by Mike Elgan about his discovery and use of  Google’s translation services. The service is available as a webpage, browser plug-in, baked into Android and on Apple iOS devices. Google has done a good job making this important service available across a multitude of platforms. Their translation service is bringing us towards a […]

Commonwealth Times Takes A Look At VCU Libraries e-Reader Loan Program

We mentioned the VCU Libraries loaner program for laptops, Nooks, iPads, and Kindles last week.  The Commonwealth Times take a look at the program in their most recent issue. VCU Technology Services has partnered with the libraries on the laptop program and has provided some support for the e-reader program as well.

EDUCAUSE Takes a Look at Public Campus Computing

Interesting look at campus public computing in the U.S. and abroad in this EDUCAUSE  article. As with many services in higher education, computer lab provisioning is going to be situational based the needs of the individual campus. One size does not fit all.

Who should protect your privacy? You!

Microsoft is accusing Google today of bypassing Apple’s privacy settings in Safari.  That seems like one convoluted story but we think the real story is a bit different.  Should you trust a corporation to protect your privacy? What with the Path iOS address book brouhaha and the story mentioned above you would think that corporations […]

VCU Libraries Extends Device Offerings to Kindles, Nooks, & iPads

VCU TS & VCU Libraries collaborates on laptops for check out in Cabell & Tompkins-McCaw Libraries. Now VCU Libraries has added e-readers to the mix. Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple iPad devices are available for check out. At this time the iPads are available at either library location and the Kindle and […]