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Earlier this summer, John Bennett, Senior Vice President for VCU Finance and Administration, hosted the division’s Customer Service Awards ceremony at the University Student Commons. Three VCU Technology Services staff were recognized for their customer service prowess in three categories. Under the Fun Awards category, Charles Curley of Administrative Systems received a Behind The Scenes Award for his “100% guaranteed” applications support work for VCU Human Resources. Charles was nominated by the staff of the Human Resources department. John Matro of the User Services’ Consultants and Training group was awarded a Bright Idea Award for his idea to automate downloading and applying SAS updates via a script. John was nominated by Joanne Einsmann. Brandon Hoadley, VCU Computer Center, was one of four Finance & Administration staff who received the Individual Customer Service Compass Award for his exemplary customer service. Brandon was nominated by Sean O’Keefe for his “relentlessly helpful” nature to customer service. 

We salute our fellow staff here at VCU Technology Services for their dedication to providing the highest quality customer service possible to the VCU community. Videos of the ceremony are available below or can be viewed at the VCU Finance and Administration’s YouTube channel.

Following is the video of the 2010 VCU Finance and Administration Customer Compass Service Awards. Brandon Hoadley receives his Individual Customer Service Compass Award at the 7:30 minute mark in the video clip. 

Next up is an interview with Brandon Hoadley about his Individual Customer Service Compass Award.

Finally, we finish up with the 2010 VCU Finance and Administration Customer Compass Service Fun Awards. Charles Curley receives his Behind The Scenes Award at about the 5 minute mark of the video clip. John Matro receives his Bright Ideas Award at the 8:48 mark in the video clip.

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