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VCU Technology Services added a new feature to the ZixMail service today. Faculty, staff, and contractors are not allowed to transmit confidential data via email unless the message and attachments are encrypted. ZixMail provides an easy way to do this for VCU employees and contractors. Until today, all one had to do was place the word “zixmail” in the subject of an email and the message would be automatically encoded and sent to the recipient. The person receiving the message sees an email asking them to click on a link to log into the VCU Secure Email Message Center to view the message. If this is the first time they have logged in they can click on a link and set up an account. This is only true for email recipients who do not have “” or “” email account. Persons with a VCU or VCUHS email account will receive secure email messages directly in their email in-boxes.

Today, VCU Technology Services has begun allowing “secure” to be used in email subject lines to activate the ZixMail service. To send an email message containing
confidential data use one of two keywords, “zixmail” or “secure,” in the
e-mail subject line. The words should be in lowercase format. Similar words such as “secures” or “secured” will not activate the ZixMail service.

To learn more about the ZixMail service visit

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