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Use main elevators to the helpIT desk on the lower level

The helpIT Center, which is in high demand at the beginning of the semester, is located in Cabell Library. Construction of the new library included closing a stairwell that is now enclosed in the Startbucks building site. Now,tThe most direct route to helpIT, and other lower level services, is to take the main elevators in […]

Looking for the helpIT Desk? Use the elevator.

Construction begins Tuesday to renovate and expand Starbucks Cafe on the first floor of Cabell Library. A construction wall will block two staircases–including one to the lower level that takes patrons downstairs to the helpIt Desk, Media Support Services and Video Conference Room and other Technology Services spaces. How to get where you need to […]

Starbucks expansion work begins Nov. 17

Be prepared for some changes in traffic patterns in Cabell Library that may be difficult to navigate until after you’ve had your morning coffee. Renovation of Starbucks Cafe in Cabell Library begins this week. Work will be in two phases: First, The northeast corner where the old entrance and Information Services (public services desk and […]

Only one elevator stops on third floor

Due to construction near the freight and one passenger elevator this week, only one elevator (the west one) will stop on the third floor. Take that one or take the stairs. This work may continue all week, the week of June 22 and beyond.  

Innovative Media open in new space Friday, noon

Innovative Media is now open in its new, temporary location, on the west side of the third floor of Cabell Library. Turn right when you exit the elevators.

June Update: Expect noise, lots of activity

Summer is not yet officially here but construction at Cabell is on a summer pace with crews working around-the-clock to do loud work when it is least likely to affect patrons. Starting May 28, the crew will start facing the first floor exterior with the same limestone that will be used on the new building. […]

Innovative Media closed today for move

Innovative Media is moving today from its space on the east side of Cabell Library to new temporary space on the west side. The department will reopen as soon as all equipment is installed and ready for use by library patrons. Thank you for your patience.

Innovative Media closing and moving today and Thursday

Innovative Media, on the east side of the third floor of Cabell, will move to a new, temporary location this week on the west side of the third floor. To prepare for the move, the department will close at 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 27. The department plans to reopen in its new location Friday, May […]

Makerspace taking shape through construction and conversations

Last night’s open forum on needs and dreams for the “makerspace”–the Innovative Media department’s new and enlarged work areas on the lower level–brought varied voices and ideas. Students and faculty from different disciplines saw a brief presentation about current Innovative Media services and renderings of the new space. Then, they shared ideas, in a free-ranging […]

Where’s Special Collections? On the Fourth Floor, in the Mapp Room.

Construction walls make wayfinding to Special Collections and Archives challenging. When you exit the fourth floor elevators turn to your right. Then look left and you will locate the temporary reading room for Special Collections and Archives. The Mapp Room, for graduate students only, will be closed until further notice. Services hours remain the same, […]

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