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The crane and the cooler arrive.

Here are some images of action on Wednesday … up on the roof

Up, up to the roof. The crane and the cooler.

See photos and video of the crane and the cooler at Cabell. On our Facebook page

The crane, the crane, returns April 23 to lift a new cooling tower onto the roof.

The new cooling tower will be lifted onto the roof of Cabell Library by crane on April 23. It will serve the new building as well as Cabell Library. Temperatures, which have run hot and cold as air conditioning problems have been addressed, should be resolved. Also on Wednesday, bike racks on the Linden Street […]

Dress in layers: Temperatures in Cabell Library will fluctuate through April 16

Due to a malfunction in the air conditioning unit, temperatures overnight Monday and during Tuesday will be too warm. However, due to the current work to replace one of Cabell Library’s air handling units, which was damaged last winter during a cold spell, temperatures later today and overnight may be too chilly. Dress in layers.

Linden Street closing soon

Linden Street between James Branch Cabell Library and the Academic Learning Commons will close soon (likely the week of April 14) to through traffic to make room for construction vehicles, materials delivery and other needs related to construction of the new library on the Monroe Park Campus. Street parking will no longer be available. Look […]

Crane arrives Wednesday to place steel on the roof; expect noise on upper floors

A crane will arrive Wednesday, April 9,  to place steel on the roof for the cooling tower. Work should be complete on Thursday.  You may hear some thumps and bumps.  Some book-moving activity continues on fourth and third floors. Expect some noise. Earplugs are available at the Information Services desk.

Noise alert: Fourth floor week of April 7

The  usually quiet Cabell Fourth Floor will see activity this week when books will be moved from the fourth to the third floor. This shift will take about 10 days. Workers will be pulling materials from the shelves, loading book carts and moving them. The doors to the quiet section will be open part of […]