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Noise alert: Demolition outside Saturday, Oct. 31

Demolition of the concrete pad where the temporary entrance stood will take place Saturday. This noisy work will start at 6 a.m.and should be complete by 5 p.m.  Saturday was selected because Cabell is less busy on weekends and opens late (at 10 a.m.); fewer students will be disturbed. Replacement of the opaque panels on the revolving […]

The old doors are no more

Cabell’s New Entrance is Now Open for Use.

Cabell’s New Entrance

Progress Update: New floors opening soon

All about the new library Construction news and progress The temporary entrance is no more. The new revolving doors are open. Furniture is being unwrapped and positioned in big new student spaces. Cabell Library, which has remained open throughout construction that began in winter 2014, continues around-the-clock operations. As planned, new service points and sections […]

Enter Here: New doors spinning on The Compass

New revolving doors at Cabell Library are open. Enter at The Compass. This is the new, permanent entry to the new library. More new spaces to open soon.

Change your walking habits Oct. 26

How you reach Cabell Library (and Starbucks) will change Monday, Oct. 26. The walkway on the east side of the building and the temporary entrance will be closed. Entry to Cabell will be through the new revolving doors off The Compass.    

New furniture deliveries


A shiny new Cabell

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