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June 30: Loading dock change will bring deliveries traffic into first floor

On Monday, June 30, the Cabell Library loading dock will close. Deliveries will come into the building’s first floor via a temporary loading dock located on Linden Street. The corridor on the north side of the building–from the double doors beyond the rest rooms and up to the service/freight elevator–will become much busier. Deliveries of […]

Third floor air temps will be cold through July 4

Beginning late Friday, June 20, and continuing until Friday, July 4, the third floor study areas will be uncomfortably cold in spots due to replacement of valves and variable air volume (VAV) units. ┬áThe worst times will be the weekends of June 21 and June 28 when the entire floor will be affected by valve […]

[Noise alert] Jackhammering this week on exterior

If you are working on the first floor of Cabell Library, particularly on the southside, you may want to ask for earplugs, available for free at the Information Services Desk.

Beginning June 12: West side of third floor becomes “silent study” area

With construction activity on the fourth floor, regular silent study will be impossible. The floor will continue to observe “silence” — no conversation — when possible due to work schedules. But, to provide additional space for silent study, the west side of the third floor is now silent. This means no conversation, no cell phones, […]

Foundation work begins Tuesday, June 10.

On Tuesday, June 10, one day ahead of announced schedule, the first reinforced concrete footings for the structural columns of the new building will be poured.  

Third floor may be chilly until week of July 3.

Starting June 9, W. M. Jordan is beginning to replace the Variable Air Volume (VAV) heating/air conditioning units on the third floor. To do this work, the heating water supply will be shut off. This will create “cold spots” where patrons may feel cold air. This process, which requires installation of 19 units (two per […]

[Noise Alert] Silent floor, no more

The fourth floor–the “silent study” floor–is becoming a construction zone. Shelves are being dismantled. Furniture is being moved. The exhibition display cases near the elevators are being emptied. Workers are coming and going via the service elevator. The Mapp Room for Graduate Study will remain open but noise may become a problem for some students. […]

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