Haywood Spangler knows the value of a good academic research library. A Richmond-based consultant and independent researcher, Spangler conducts client specific research through his consulting firm, Work & Think, LLC. The creator of SERA (the Spangler Ethical Reasoning Assessment), and the II (Innovation Inventory,) Spangler is a keynote speaker, a researcher and an author. He formerly interned as a biomedical ethicist at the UVA Medical Center and was an instructor of business ethics at the UVA McIntire School of Commerce.

Having taught previously at VCU in the non-profit management certificate program, Spangler came to appreciate the buzz of activity on campus, especially as it surrounds and fills the James Branch Cabell Library on the Monroe Park Campus. Of VCU Libraries, Spangler says: “Coming to campus and being part of the activity there is energizing. VCU Libraries not only has the specific resources that I need, but the environment is welcoming and stimulating. I am proud of my support of VCU Libraries through Friends of VCU Libraries and enjoy knowing that the gifts that I make help every student at VCU to be successful in their studies.”

Spangler enjoys the mix of journal access along with the ability to borrow books. “As an independent consultant, I am always looking for efficient means to strengthen the infrastructure of my practice. The ability to take advantage of the services of an academic research library is essential to the quality of work that I can provide to my clients. The opportunity to leverage a research resource, such as VCU Libraries, allows me to have credibility with companies in many industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to finance, in the United States, Europe and Asia. I hope that many more consultants will take a look at what VCU Libraries has to offer and consider providing support.”

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