The Special Libraries Association (SLA) held their annual meeting virtually August 11-13 2021.  This meeting draws librarians from a variety of fields including business, biotechnology, law, and academia. VCU Libraries Research and Education Librarian, Stacey Wahl, Ph.D., has been a member of SLA since joining the librarian field in 2018. Says Wahl: “SLA is a great place for science librarians because it brings together folks from academia and industry. There are so many things to learn about being a librarian and immersing yourself in the different fields at SLA is a great way to network and innovate.”  

This year, Wahl did more than merely attend the meeting for professional development.  In 2019 she was invited to write and present a paper at the 2020 SLA meeting. After a delay due to COVID-19 and a deferral due to personal matters, Wahl had the opportunity to present her work “Bringing Postdocs into the Fold: A Targeted Approach to Reaching an Underserved Health Sciences Population” at the 2021 virtual meeting. The paper is related to the Health Sciences Library’s ongoing series of presentations by postdocs.

This paper and presentation were reviewed by a panel of fellow SLA members and deemed to be the top contributed paper offering at the conference. 

Says a reviewer of the paper, detailed in this blog post from SLA, “The outreach tools used to inform of the services that libraries can provide can be adopted by all types that make up SLA, large and small, academic, hospital, business, etc. The adjustment to switch to virtual during the pandemic was well done.” Wahl was recognized during the closing ceremony of the annual meeting and will receive free registration at next year’s SLA meeting when it returns to Charlotte, N.C. 

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