User Experience (or UX) is the work of creating websites that are user focused and function for all constituencies that use them. At VCU Libraries, these projects are limited to student advisory groups, student workers, and (when funded) occasional testing with other groups for more in-depth methods of testing.
To better serve all constituents, in 2021, VCU Libraries is working to fund a UX Project that will help VCU Libraries institutionalize diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging (DEIAB) principles by ensuring that we are regularly consulting constituents to assure that our interfaces, online tools, and services are optimally useful and minimally harmful. Compensating participants for the time and labor that goes into sharing their experiences and insights is key to this program’s success.
A VCU student will gain real world experience as an intern to run these projects. This is experience that will translate directly into the working world when they graduate and seek employment.
Currently VCU Libraries has raised all but $2,500 of the funding needed to move forward with this project. Please consider making a gift to help us fully fund the project. To let us know that your gift is in support of this project, select “Friends of VCU Libraries” from the drop down menu and check the box for “Tribute.” Note in that box that your gift is for the UX Project.

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