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Canvas Feature Updates – January 2024

Calendar – Event Times can be Input Manually Production Environment Availability: 1/17/2024 When creating or editing an event, users can manually input event times. Additionally, the time increments in the drop-down menu are changed to 15 minute increments. This update provides users the option to create time frames outside of the default 15 minute increment […]

Canvas Feature Updates – November 2023

Dashboard – Cookie Notice Link Production environment availability: 11/22/203 In the Dashboard, a Cookie Notice link is available to users. In the Dashboard, a link to Instructure’s Cookie Notice displays. This update improves alignment with General Data Protection regulations. Navigation – Navigation Tray All links Update Production environment availability: 11/22/2023 In the Global Navigation, the […]

Canvas Feature Updates – October 2023

Rich Content Editor – Color Gradients in the Accessibility Checker Production Environment Availability: 10/11/2023 The Rich Content Editor Accessibility checker does not inspect color gradients when checking contrast requirements. This update improves accuracy of the checker by reducing the occurrence of inaccurate errors. New Quizzes – Locked Quiz Details Production Environment Availability: 10/11/2023 When viewing […]

Revolutionizing Course Management: Ellucian ILP Meets Canvas

In collaboration with Administrative Systems & the Registrar’s office, we are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our Canvas Learning Management System that will revolutionize the way we manage course data and student information. Starting with the Spring 2024 semester, we will be implementing the Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP) to seamlessly integrate our […]

Canvas Feature Updates – September 2023

Outcomes – Question Bank Alignment Calculation Update Production Environment Availability: 9/13/2023 The Average Alignment per Calculation is updated to count question bank alignments as a single alignment regardless of the number of questions. Also, question banks and rubrics are not calculated in the assessable artifact calculations as they must be added to artifacts in order […]

Canvas Feature Updates – August 2023

Announcements – Unpublished Course Warning Production Environment Availability: 8/2/2023 When creating an Announcement in an unpublished course, a warning displays that notifications are not sent retroactively. This update clarifies announcement notification expectations in unpublished courses. Announcements – Editing an Announcement Warning Production Environment Availability: 8/2/2023 When editing an Announcement, a warning displays that the user […]

Canvas Feature Updates June 2023

Gradebook – View Gradebook Menu Location and Name Update Production Environment Availability: 6/7/2023 When instructors switch between Gradebooks, the View Gradebook Menu displays to the left of the page. Additionally, the main Gradebook is renamed Traditional Gradebook. Previously when switching between gradebooks, the View Gradebook Menu displayed on the right of the page. The View […]

Canvas Feature Updates May 2023

Rich Content Editor – Drag and Drop or Paste Multiple Files Production Environment Availability: 5/10/20923 In the Rich Content Editor, users can drag and drop or paste multiple files. Additionally, users can paste multiple files in the Rich Content Editor. This change allows users to quickly and efficiently add files in the Rich Content Editor.  […]

Canvas Feature Updates April 2023

Gradebook – Sort Assignments by Excused Submissions and Unposted Grades Production Environment Availability – 4/12/2023 In the Gradebook, instructors can sort individual assignment columns and rows by excused submissions and unposted grades. This update provides instructors with more sorting options and improves efficiency when working in Gradebook columns. To sort submissions by Excused or Unposted […]

Canvas Feature Updates March 2023

Rich Content Editor -RCE Supports Pasting and the Drag and Drop of Content Production Environment Availability – 3/1/2023 The Rich Content Editor (RCE) supports pasting and the drag and drop of content. Students can copy and paste an image from a browser or photo viewing app in the RCE. Also, users can copy an image, […]

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