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Canvas Feature Updates – July 2022

Assignments – Individual Student Due Date Override In the Assignments page, individual student due date overrides take priority over section and group due dates on assignments. Previously, if a student was given an individual assignment override that was within the date range for a section specific override, Canvas used the most lenient assigned datesĀ  to […]

Canvas Feature Update – June 2022

Gradebook – Message Observers of Students Who Production Environment Availability – 6/18/2022 Instructors can include observers when sending messages from the Message Students Who link in Gradebook. This update allows instructors to collaborate with observers through targeted communication. In the Gradebook, find the assignment and click the Options icon [1]. Then click the Message Students Who link [2]. By […]

Canvas Feature Update – April 2022

Assignments – Assignment Name Label Production Environment Availability – 4/13/2022 When creating an assignment, an Assignment Name label is displayed above and in the Title field. In the Assignments Index page, click the Add Assignment button.   The Assignment Name label is displayed above and in the title field.  Late Label Color Update  Production Environment Availability – 4/13/2022 […]

Canvas Feature Update – March 2022

Rich Content Editor – Equation Editor Update Production Environment Availability – 4/1/2022 When a user creates equations in the Rich Content Editor, the Equation Editor displays an updated user interface. This change provides mobile responsiveness and enhanced user experience across Canvas courses. Watch the Rich Content Editor Equation Editor Screencast here Calendar – Event Title […]

Canvas Feature Update – February 2022

Enrollments – Custom Roles Display Updates Production Environment Availability: 2/2/2022 Custom role names display in various areas across Canvas. This change aligns the display of user roles with other areas of Canvas. This change also applies for accounts that have enabled the Profiles feature. At the account level, the User Details link for a user […]

Canvas Feature Update – January 2022

Course – Course Navigation Menu State Production Environment Availability: 1/15/2022 The expanded or collapsed state of the Course Navigation Menu persists throughout all Canvas courses. This change offers consistency with the behavior of the Global Navigation Menu and allows a user to set the state of the Course Navigation Menu. Note: The Gradebook page hides […]

Canvas Feature Update – November 2021

New Quizzes – Assignments and Quizzes Build Link Production Environment Availability: 11-20-2021 This feature is associated with the New Quizzes Feature Preview. New Quizzes in Assignments and Quizzes pages include a link to the quiz Build page. This change allows users to bypass the assignment details page and quickly access the quiz Build page. The link to the quiz […]

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