Canvas Tip: Creating an Accessibility Compliant Course

The Accessibility Checker is a powerful tool within Canvas’ Rich Content Editor. It allows you to run a quick accessibility test on content you have created within the Editor, including tables, text, images, and hyperlinks.  Anywhere the Rich Content Editor is found, whether you are creating a Canvas content page, an Assignment prompt, a Discussion […]

Faculty Technology Advisory Committee

With the help of the Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost, we recently established the Faculty Technology Advisory Committee (FTAC) in order to ensure faculty involvement in major technology decisions and to allow for faculty feedback and advice to be better integrated into central information technology services and operations. Chaired by Valerie Robnolt, […]

Free Canvas Conference – May 6, 2021

Get up close and educational with Canvas. Hear from educators and administrators who use Canvas to support learning wherever it happens—whether that’s fully remote, blended, or in person. Learn how our solutions support high-quality content and instruction, allowing teachers to better meet individual students’ needs and engage in meaningful professional development. Canvas Caravan Virginia – […]

New Adobe Creative Cloud Pricing Starts May 15th

Starting May 15th, students can gain access to Creative Cloud for the summer semester for $7, and access for the Fall and Spring for $15 a semester in a deal that includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Animator, Audition and more, as well as free assets from the Adobe Stock library of graphics, photos and videos. […]

Kaltura April Updates

Kaltura Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) Addition We have added Kaltura Media to the main options bar within the RCE. This widget is represented on the middle right hand side which allows you to embed your Kaltura content. Kaltura Quizzes in Canvas/Blackboard There have been multiple reported issues with Kaltura Quizzes within Canvas or Blackboard. […]

Collaborate Ultra is Going Away with Blackboard

Currently, Collaborate Ultra is integrated with Canvas but it is part of the Blackboard suite of tools and will no longer be available once Blackboard has been decommissioned. As an alternative, Zoom has been established as VCU’s official desktop conferencing solution to support remote instruction and collaboration. Zoom accounts are available to anyone with a valid […]

Canvas Tip: Implementing Student Incompletes from Bb to Canvas

Occasionally you may have students who, for various reasons, are unable to complete a course in a single semester resulting in an incomplete. With the fast approaching transition from Blackboard to Canvas, you maybe wondering how this will be handled. As communicated, all courses will be hosted in Canvas starting with the 2021 Summer sessions. […]

Examity Trial Reminder

On February 1st we launched a trial of the Examity proctoring solution for the Spring 2021 semester. During the trial, Examity and our existing solution (Respondus) are both available for use. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to try Examity and share your feedback. If Examity is proven to be technologically […]

Canvas Boot Camp for Faculty

VCU Online and Academic Technologies have teamed up to offer an incredible 4-day event that includes Canvas workshops and more! Session tracks will cover all levels of Canvas users from novice to advanced. Workshops are May 25 – 28 from 9:00am – 12:00pm and Open Office Hours are 1:00pm – 4:00pm each day. For more […]

Canvas Tip: Save Your Course Storage Space for More Important Things

With courses having to be moved primarily online due to COVID-19, instructors have increasingly started using Zoom for their recording needs. Instinctively, instructors will then download the zoom recording on their computers and upload it directly to the Canvas course. This method is not recommended because by doing this you will quickly use up all […]

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