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Calendar – Event Times can be Input Manually

Production Environment Availability: 1/17/2024

When creating or editing an event, users can manually input event times. Additionally, the time increments in the drop-down menu are changed to 15 minute increments. This update provides users the option to create time frames outside of the default 15 minute increment drop-down menu options.

To enter event times manually, click the From or To fields and enter the desired event time.

Grades – Submitted Date Column

Production Environment Availability: 1/17/2024

In the Grades page, a submitted column displays the date an assignment is submitted. If an assignment allows multiple attempts, the column only displays the most recent submission date. This update allows students and observers to easily view when an assignment was submitted.

In the Grades page, submission dates display in the submitted column.

Rich Content Editor – Course File Hover Displays Entire File Name

Production Environment Availability – 1/17/2024

When viewing course files with long and similar names in the Rich Content Editor (RCE), users can hover over the file name to view the full name. This update is not available for file folders. This update allows users to easily differentiate between similar long file names.

When viewing All Files in the Rich Content Editor (RCE), hover over the desired file link to view the entire file name.

Modules – Unpublish Module Only

Production Environment Availability – 1/31/2024

In Modules, instructors have the option to unpublish a module only. This option is available in the Publish All drop-down menu and individual module drop-down menus. This functionality allows instructors to unpublish the module while leaving items within the module still published.

In the publishing drop-down menu, instructors have the option to unpublish the module only.

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