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Rich Content Editor – Color Gradients in the Accessibility Checker

Production Environment Availability: 10/11/2023

The Rich Content Editor Accessibility checker does not inspect color gradients when checking contrast requirements. This update improves accuracy of the checker by reducing the occurrence of inaccurate errors.

New Quizzes – Locked Quiz Details

Production Environment Availability: 10/11/2023

When viewing New Quizzes that are locked and not yet available, the due date, points, number of questions, and the availability dates display for students. Students can view quiz details for locked New Quizzes. This update provides students access to limited quiz details.

Calendar – Recurring Events

Production Environment Availability: 10/21/2023

In the Calendar, users can create and edit recurring events. This feature optimizes scheduling and improves user workflows.

When adding or editing an event in a calendar, users can select the frequency using the drop-down menu in the Edit Event modal.

Notes: Each frequency selection has an occurrence default

  • daily = 365 (days in a year) 
  • weekly = 52 (weeks in a year)
  • monthly = 12 (Months in a year)
  • annually = 5 (The event will occur for five years)
  • every weekdays = 52 * 5 (weeks in a year * weekdays)

Additionally, users can have a maximum of 400 occurrences.ecurring calendar events are not available for appointment groups. 

When the custom option is selected, a modal displays allowing users to customize the frequency of the event.

Additionally, users can edit or update the frequency of an event on the More Options page.

Note: When a user has selected the Use a different date for each section checkbox, the frequency option is removed.

When deleting a recurring event, a modal displays where users can select which events are deleted.

When editing a recurring event, a modal displays where users can select which events are updated.

Notifications – Discussion Push Notifications

Production Environment Availability: 10/25/2023

In Notifications, users can enable Push Notifications for Discussion New Topics and New Replies. This update allows users to set up notifications for new topics or new replies in a discussion. In Notifications, users can enable push notifications for new topics and new replies related to Discussions.

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