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Kicking off a Digital Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means… Spring cleaning! Just like your own home, your VCU Google Workspace account may begin to accumulate extra items, such as mail and files in Drive, that you might not need anymore and can be trashed, or might be good to put away in an appropriate place […]

Google Updates Recap for October 24, 2022 to January 20, 2023

As we jump into the thick of 2023, we’re happy to provide our first features blog post for the year which discusses several great features recently announced by Google. We’re eagerly looking forward to what this year will have in store for enriching collaboration.  Check out the Table of Contents below to find the features […]

Welcome to 2023: Feature Updates, Upcoming Storage Changes, and more!

We’re excited to start off the year with a quick look at a brief recap of the bigger updates from last year, some upcoming feature updates, a mention of important upcoming changes to storage, and finally a mention of our training opportunities and the new IT Status page. Also keep an eye out next week […]

Google Cloud Next Feature Announcements

Table of contents Speaker spotlight in Slides for Google Meet Meeting room check-in for Google Meet Automatic video framing in Meet Companion mode mobile as a second screen in Meet Controlling Slides directly within Meet Inline threaded conversations in Google Chat Broadcast-only spaces in Google Chat Custom building blocks in Google Docs Variables in Google […]

Google Updates Recap for August 22 to October 21, 2022

We’re excited to discuss some exciting features in this blog post that are both newly announced and previously anticipated, including in-line threading for Google Chat, transcriptions for Google Meet meetings. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming post regarding feature announcement news from the recent Google Cloud Next event. If you’d like to subscribe […]

Google Updates Recap for July 25 to August 19, 2022

In this features update, we discuss several new and exciting features in Google Meet and Google Calendar, as well as a new SpeedGrader option for Google Assignments and edit notifications for Google Docs. If you’d like to subscribe to the blog to be notified of the latest posts, get started by clicking the “Follow” located […]

Google Updates Recap for June 6 to July 22, 2022

In this feature update, we’re excited to announce some enhancements that have been added by popular request, including rich text formatting in Google Forms and anonymous Q/A and polling in Google Meet. Other new features include increased member limits in Google Chat Spaces, improved email notifications for calendar invitations, and a new “Also Invited” list […]

Google Updates Recap for May 9 to June 3, 2022

In this Recap, we have several quality-of-life features we think will be very useful and are looking forward to, as well as some important news regarding Google’s consumer “Duo” service merging with Google Meet. If you’d like to subscribe to the blog to be notified of the latest posts, get started by clicking the “Follow” […]

Additional Gmail security settings being turned on for VCU Google accounts

Collaboration Services will be enabling several advanced security settings in Gmail for all VCU Google Workspace accounts to enhance security and keep users safe. These security settings will include protection from suspicious email attachments and add transparency about following shortened links and links to untrusted domains. With these changes, mail will continue to be delivered, […]

Google Updates Recap for April 11 to May 6, 2022

In this update recap, we’re excited to highlight the new “table templates,” “dropdown chips,” and a new menu bar layout for Google Docs. You can now also start or join a Google Meet directly from within a Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides file, and set up host controls and assign hosts on a calendar event […]

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