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RamTech Assistant Manager Rudy Lopez (L) with Collaboration Services’ Dan Thomas (R), a Google Certified Educator in VCU Technology Services.

There may be an app for that, but how do you get the most out of it for your needs?

Appy Hour is a monthly brown bag workshop that highlights different topics for VCU faculty and staff. The free sessions are offered at various campus locations through RamTech, VCU’s computer store and technology showroom, located at 930 West Grace Street.

RamTech occasionally collaborate with partners to enhance the hour-long workshops. Previous topics and partners have included Windows 10 with Dell, and Getting to Know OS X and iOS with Apple. RamTech partnered with Technology Services’ Dan Thomas in January, offering a session titled Conquering Google Drive.

There will be limited Appy Hour sessions during the summer break. A regular calendar of sessions is planned with the start of the academic year in August. In the fall, Technology Service’s Gary Garbett will be collaborating with RamTech’s Rudy Lopez for a smartphone photography workshop.

All Appy Hour workshops are promoted through TelegRAM and RamTech’s social media. Have an idea for a session? Visit Rudy at RamTech and tell him what you’d like to learn.

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