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Greetings to the VCU Community!  As many might know by now, we have a new website for VCU Technology Services (VCUTS). If you have not checked it out you should do so after visiting the Mailbag. There is lots of good information at your fingertips in the VCUTS Knowledge Base. One element of the new site is the “Feedback” tab at the top of every page.  This is the easiest way to let us know how we are doing, suggest a new service, or to just say, “Hi”. Seriously, you can just say “Hi” and we’ll even say “Hi” back! You can also email VCUTS to give us feedback as well. Many of the changes that VCUTS have implemented this summer are a
direct result of feedback from students, faculty, and staff whether via
surveys, phone calls, meetings, emails, or online feedback forms. We
are also employing social media to keep the conversation going so visit
us on Twitter too. We are listening.

“So what does this have to do with the Mailbag”, you ask? While we attempt to respond to all comments and inquiries individually, from time-to-time we will select feedback that we think has a broad appeal for the
campus and post them with an answer or a reply of some kind right here
in our Mailbag. We want everyone to benefit from the wisdom of your questions and comments! So keep an eye on the Mailbag and we will all keep the conversation moving forward.

Finally, credit has to be given where credit is due. The Mailbag is a direct result of many of us in VCUTS keeping an eye on the VCU Libraries’ Library Suggestion Blog. This is a great service provided by the staff of the libraries and we probably would not have the Mailbag without it.  Thanks for sharing VCU Libraries! 

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