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In an effort to enhance network security and allow for better network capacity planning Technology Services networking staff have begun a port security process that will limit the number of devices that can be attached to one network data port. The new VCUnet switch configuration restricts each network data port to a maximum of two MAC addresses per port (one for your ACES VoIP phone, and one for your PC). If the VCUnet switch detects more than two MAC addresses on one port the port is automatically shut down and network connectivity is lost. In order to make the port operational again all devices must be unplugged from the port for at least three minutes. The VCUnet switch will automatically re-enable the port. The new port security settings are required to maintain compliance with VCU security policy and are based on industry best practices.

The port security configuration is being implemented during the ACES project LAN remediation efforts. During recent remediation work a number of unauthorized hubs were disabled without warning because VCUnet staff did not know they were in circuit. This message is meant to alert you to the upcoming changes and provide time to make any necessary changes.

Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 828-2227 should you have any questions or problems resetting a network port. Additional network connections can be requested by making a Service Request here:

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