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Join us for a virtual LPR learning session!

As we approach the implementation of license plate recognition (LPR) in our parking facilities in the coming months, we invite you to join us for one of our upcoming LPR learning sessions. These virtual one-hour sessions are designed to teach attendees how to manage vehicle information online, share future changes, and address any pending questions in real-time. You […]

Mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) testing underway

We are excited to announce the initiation of mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) testing across campus. This technology employs LPR units on enforcement vehicles and automatically reads license plates to ensure vehicles are parked in their assigned location.  While primarily used in surface lots, mobile LPR may also be deployed in decks to enforce parking regulations and preserve spaces […]

Important update: Implementation of License Plate Recognition testing at VCU parking facilities

We are pleased to inform you that we have initiated License Plate Recognition (LPR) testing at several parking facilities across campus. As each deck successfully completes testing and transitions to full-time operation, we will notify you in advance of this change. Please note that during the testing phase, you may experience occasional, unannounced tests; however, our […]

Update on License Plate Recognition (LPR) implementation

We would like to provide you with an update regarding the launch of License Plate Recognition (LPR), previously targeted for January 8, 2024. Regrettably, we have encountered technical challenges that will prevent us from meeting the initial target date; however, we are pleased to inform you that significant progress has been made. All fixed LPR equipment, including cameras, […]

License plate recognition(LPR) is coming to VCU

We are excited to announce that we are transitioning our parking system to license plate recognition (LPR) in the coming months. LPR will completely revolutionize parking at VCU by removing the need for physical parking permits–your license plate will grant you access to your dedicated parking facility. Our transition to LPR will occur in phases, […]