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We are pleased to report that the license plate recognition(LPR) equipment and software are now fully configured and operational at Jefferson St. Deck, West Main St. Deck, Eighth St. Deck, I Deck, B&B Deck, Henry St. Decks, N Deck, and D Deck. The current RFID hangtag system that you have used for the past several years is also still installed and operational. You now have the option to use either your RFID hangtag or the new LPR system to enter the parking deck.

For those opting to utilize the LPR system (which is highly encouraged), please follow the instructions below to ensure your license plate(s) are successfully linked to your permit in our system.

Verifying your license plate(s):

1. Log in to the parking portal ( by clicking “LOGIN” in the top right corner.

2. Navigate to “View Your Permits” under “Permits.”

3. Select your permit and scroll down to the “Associated Vehicles” section to view the license plates associated with your permit.

4. If you need to add a new vehicle, use the “Add Vehicles to Permit” button at the bottom. Employees may add up to three vehicles, and students may add two.  

Note: Add a new vehicle before deleting an existing one if only one vehicle is currently linked. If you need to delete a vehicle from your account, please email

You can watch a video tutorial of the process at

Entering your facility/using your hangtag permit

With LPR active at your facility, you do not need to display your hangtag permit for entry or exit at your home facility; your license plate will be recognized at the gate. You should remove your hangtag from your vehicle completely to access the deck.Similar to RFID permit readers, LPR systems have a “sweet spot” that varies by vehicle type. While this spot is larger with LPR, it still requires precision. We recommend stopping when your driver’s side door aligns with the card reader/access column.

Please note that there may be times when the RFID hangtag readers are temporarily deactivated; however, a VCU Parking and Transportation representative will be on-site to oversee gate operations during these times. Concurrently, we will be conducting thorough testing of the LPR system to gather essential data for a smooth transition to complete LPR functionality.

LPR launch dates

Our plan is to fully transition to the LPR system in accordance with the dates below:

May 28 – Jefferson St. Deck
May 30 – West Main St. Deck
June 3 – Eighth St. Deck
June 5 – I Deck
June 7 – Broad & Belvidere Deck
June 11 – Henry St. Deck East/West
June 13 – N Deck
June 17 – D Deck


As we embrace this next phase in parking at VCU, we value your feedback on the LPR experience. Please share any questions, concerns, or insights with us at

Thank you for your patience during the LPR launch, and stay tuned for updates as additional facilities transition to LPR.

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