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We are excited to announce the initiation of mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) testing across campus. This technology employs LPR units on enforcement vehicles and automatically reads license plates to ensure vehicles are parked in their assigned location. 

While primarily used in surface lots, mobile LPR may also be deployed in decks to enforce parking regulations and preserve spaces for subscribers.

To avoid the risk of enforcement action in the future, please review and update your permit’s license plate information via the online parking portal. In the meantime, you should continue to display your hangtag permit when parking. 

Verifying your license plate(s):

1. Log in to the parking portal by clicking “LOGIN” in the top right corner.

2. Navigate to “View Your Permits” under “Permits.”
3. Select your permit and scroll down to the “Associated Vehicles” section to view the license plates associated with your permit.
4. If you need to add a new vehicle, use the “Add Vehicles to Permit” button at the bottom. Employees may add up to three vehicles, and students may add two.  

Note: Add a new vehicle before deleting an existing one if only one vehicle is currently linked. If you need to delete a vehicle from your account, please email us at

You can watch a video tutorial of the process at

We will keep you updated as we finalize testing and move toward a full launch. For any questions or feedback regarding LPR, please feel free to contact us at

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