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VCU Parking and Transportation recently submitted a proposal for an approximate 3.4% increase in parking fees for employee parking permits, which was approved by VCU’s Board of Visitors at the May 10 meeting. The adjustments will take effect on July 1, 2024.

The parking rates for the upcoming fiscal year will be as follows:

Location2023-242024-2025 (approved rates)
Monroe Park Campus$89.00$92.00
VCU Medical Center$89.00$92.00
D Deck$112.00$115.00
Adjunct Faculty$224.00$231.00
Off-Campus Lots$61.00$64.00
Part-Time F/S$43.50$45.00
Evening $61.00$63.00
Daily Value Credential$8.00$9.00

As a reminder, VCU Health System implemented a 50% parking subsidy for eligible parking subscribers who pay for parking on the VCU Medical Center downtown campus (MCV Campus), downtown Richmond business locations, or VCU Health locations on the VCU Monroe Park Campus. Eligible subscribers pay only half of the parking rate of their assigned location, and the health system covers the other half. 

In addition, special event parking rates will increase from $10 to $12, and hourly parking rates will rise by $1.

Please note that VCU Parking and Transportation operates as a self-sustaining auxiliary unit. The decision to increase parking rates comes after careful consideration of rising expenses and operational costs. This increase is necessary to maintain existing operations, such as transportation, security, and administration, while also upholding our commitment to enhancing parking facilities and services.

The fee increase will also fund planned improvements and investments. These include necessary elevator upgrades on several parking decks over the next few years, continued maintenance of VCU’s parking decks and lots, and ongoing enhancements to technology.

We value your continued support and understanding as we work to provide a safe and reliable parking and transportation experience. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding parking rates, please contact us via email at or visit our FAQs online at

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