New Features in VoiceThread

VoiceThread has greatly improved their assignments feature to make it easier for student submissions and to minimize the issues with students forgetting to share their VoiceThread with their instructor. The Timeline According to the VoiceThread Transition Plan for New Assignments: October 19, 2020: Instructors can enable new assignments for their courses individually, and institutions can […]

Sharing your iPhone During a Zoom Meeting

Have you ever wanted to demonstrate a health assessment technique to your class during a synchronous Zoom session? Well, it is possible share your iPhone screen with your Zoom desktop client so that you could use your camera to demonstrate taking a pulse, for example. How do you do that? Make sure you have the […]

Training for Canvas

There are a number of different training options for making the switch to the Canvas Learning Management System. Training Services Portal One option is the Canvas Training Services Portal. This is an additional service that was provide for by VCU that allows you to access multiple webinars on a daily basis on all things related […]

How do I organize my Canvas Dashboard?

When you have an account with more than one Canvas course, you can customize your Dashboard so that specific courses display. You can always see all of your courses by clicking the courses icon and all courses. Using favorites is highly recommended so that you can make sure that you are posting content in the […]

How to Host Zoom Meetings in Canvas

Just like the tool that allows you to host Zoom meetings in Blackboard, Technology Services has implemented the same tool in Canvas.

Student Video Assignments

In some nursing classes you will want your students to record videos of themselves and post those videos to the Learning Management System. Below is a document you can give to your students that shows them how to install an app on their phone called KMS Go that synchronizes with Kaltura. It will allow your […]

Recording Zoom Meetings or Classes

If you are using Zoom to record your classes or meetings, you may want to record the meeting for participants to view at a later time. The handout below shows how to record the Zoom meeting to your computer and how to upload that recording to Kaltura streaming playback in Blackboard.

Zoom and Polling

Do you want to make your synchronous session more interactive? Try Zoom Polling. Notes about polling: You can create polls in advance of the meeting. You can create multiple polls per meeting. Each poll can have multiple questions. For more information about using Zoom Polling, download the document below.

Zoom and Breakout Rooms

Do you want to make your synchronous session more interactive? Try Zoom Breakout Rooms for student groups. Notes about breakout rooms: If the meeting is being recorded locally, it will record the room the participants who is recording is in. Multiple participants can record locally. There are a maximum of 50 breakout rooms per 200 […]

Use SoftChalk Create for Formative Assessment

Often times in courses there will be vocabulary words that are essential to know cold, in order to develop a higher level of understanding. This is certainly the case for courses in the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner concentration. VCU Nursing instructor Lyons Hardy wanted her students to have a number of activities that would […]

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