Adding Zoom to Canvas

Add Zoom to your Course Menu It is quite easy to set up the Zoom link on your course menu so that both you and your students can access all synchronous sessions in one click. Adding your Zoom Recordings to Canvas Canvas does have a file upload limit, so it is important to first upload […]

Edit Assignment Dates in Canvas

Editing due dates is a task that must be done each semester. There are ways to make this task easier using Canvas. View all assignment dates Go to your assignments page in Canvas. Click the three dots (snowman menu) next to +Assignment and choose Edit assignment dates All of the assignments in the course will […]


What is InterviewStream? InterviewStream is an online software application that allows your students to prepare for job interviews by using an online mock interview process. Instructors can work with folks at the VCU Career Center to set up an interview assignment for their students. The YouTube video below is a quick overview of what InterviewStream […]

Download your Gradebook

At the end of each semester it is a good idea to download your course gradebook and store it in a safe place. With the decommissioning of Blackboard May 31, 2021, it is particularly important to download gradebooks from courses taught in Blackboard. Both documents reference the VA State Library Record Retention and Disposition Schedule. […]

Post a Video Quiz Score to the Canvas Gradebook

Do you want to see if your students have watched a video? You can post the results of a Kaltura Video Quiz to your Canvas gradebook. Here’s how: Create a video quiz in Kaltura. [Add New > Video Quiz. You will use one of the videos that already exists within your My Media] To pass […]

Changes in New Quizzes

The School of Nursing is using New Quizzes in all of the courses that we are creating in Canvas. Eventually, New Quizzes will be the norm, so we’ve decided to make the move while we transition from Blackboard. Recently, Canvas made a change in New Quizzes regarding where you go to see the questions for […]

ePortfolios in Canvas

Canvas purchased Portfolium, a portfolio creation tool, and embedded it into their LMS platform. Below are some resources to help you learn more about this feature in Canvas if you are looking for a different way for students to show mastery of course or program objectives. What are Portfolium ePortfolios? Portfolium Network Table of Contents […]

Canvas Assignments: How to set up Turnitin

Turnitin is a plagiarism checker that makes checking for academic integrity a breeze. Luckily, Turnitin is integrated into the Canvas LMS, and the process for setting up assignments with Turnitin only takes a few steps. Turnitin can be set up with “Assignments” in Canvas, and it is only available for “Assignments” that have an “Online” […]

Canvas Gradebook: How to use the SpeedGrader

The Canvas Gradebook has some great features for faculty to utilize in grading, and the SpeedGrader is one of those features. When using the SpeedGrader, you have many options for offering detailed grading and feedback to your students. Please watch the video below to learn how to use the Canvas SpeedGrader.

How to make groups in Canvas

Making groups in Canvas is very useful and simpler than you may think. Please watch the video below to learn how to make groups in Canvas.

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