Do you want to see if your students have watched a video? You can post the results of a Kaltura Video Quiz to your Canvas gradebook. Here’s how:

  1. Create a video quiz in Kaltura. [Add New > Video Quiz. You will use one of the videos that already exists within your My Media]
  2. To pass a student grade on the quiz to the Canvas gradebook, go to the Assignments tab in your Canvas course.
  3. When you add an assignment, choose External Tool as the submission type and press the Find button.
  4. Choose Kaltura Video Quiz and any Kaltura video quizzes you have created will appear in the window.
  5. Press the Embed button and Select.

See these two Kaltura Knowledge Center articles for more information:

  1. Kaltura Video Quiz Canvas Gradebook User Guide
  2. Kaltura Video Editing Tools – Quiz Tab

View this video on influenza to see a Kaltura video quiz in action.

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