The Canvas Gradebook has many cool features that can be used to enhance the online learning experience for yourself and your students. One of these features involves the ability to hide grades from students until you are ready to release grades.

So, why would this type of functionality be needed? It is perfect for situations where grading may take some time and you want to release grades all at once, or in situations where Canvas will autogenerate a “0” in place of an actual grade. On some submission types in Canvas, such as “Essay” questions, the Gradebook will input a “0” for the student’s grade until an actual grade is decided by faculty. As you can imagine, this can be alarming to students. It is in these situations where hiding grades is truly the perfect solution.

To learn how to hide grades, please watch the video below.

** Please note, if you choose to hide grades, this must be done before any student submissions occur. If the option for hiding grades is selected after a student submits a graded assessment, then that student’s grade will not be hidden, but all subsequent student submissions will have hidden grades.

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