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Edit Assignment Due Date for Individual Students

Typically, due dates are assigned for everyone in a class. However, Canvas has the option to change certain student due dates. This post will demonstrate how to alter due dates for specific students. To start, go to the assignment and click “Edit” in the top right. Next, scroll down on this Edit page until you […]

Canvas Assignments: How to set up Turnitin

Turnitin is a plagiarism checker that makes checking for academic integrity a breeze. Luckily, Turnitin is integrated into the Canvas LMS, and the process for setting up assignments with Turnitin only takes a few steps. Turnitin can be set up with “Assignments” in Canvas, and it is only available for “Assignments” that have an “Online” […]

Canvas Gradebook: How to use the SpeedGrader

The Canvas Gradebook has some great features for faculty to utilize in grading, and the SpeedGrader is one of those features. When using the SpeedGrader, you have many options for offering detailed grading and feedback to your students. Please watch the video below to learn how to use the Canvas SpeedGrader.

How to make groups in Canvas

Making groups in Canvas is very useful and simpler than you may think. Please watch the video below to learn how to make groups in Canvas.

How to publish courses, modules, and pages in Canvas

Canvas elements must be published before they are viewable by students. There are 3 possibilities for publishing in Canvas. You may publish pages individually or publish modules at a time (when you publish a module, it will publish all pages within that module). On top of publishing all pages/modules in the course, you must also […]

Canvas Gradebook: How to hide grades from students

The Canvas Gradebook has many cool features that can be used to enhance the online learning experience for yourself and your students. One of these features involves the ability to hide grades from students until you are ready to release grades. So, why would this type of functionality be needed? It is perfect for situations […]