VCU Libraries celebrated Rising Scholars award winners at reception.

Congratulations to the more than 40 high school Rising Scholars recipients from last year! High school guidance counselors nominated one high school junior from each school to receive this award. Each student received a certificate and book at their high school award ceremony. Additionally, if Rising Scholars students choose to attend VCU they will receive a $1,000 scholarship. To celebrate these high school students, VCU Libraries hosted a reception for students and their families in October.

Students and their families were invited to VCU Libraries celebrate their award and learn more about VCU and VCU Libraries. Volunteers from the Friends of the VCU Libraries board and the Rising Scholar committee included Stephanie Holt (B.S. ’74/Ed), Suzanne Lee (B.S. ’76/N) and Dale Kalkofen (M.A.E.’76/A).

We hope to see you at VCU next year, Rising Scholars!

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