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Your Virtual Desk: Why a Good Learning Management System (LMS) Matters

When our staff at the Center for Corporate Education realized that online learning would not necessarily be a passing phase, but the future of professional development, we made a strong investment in not only pivoting to meet our student needs, but improving on how we might deliver online content. With that in mind, we partnered […]

We’re On A Roll: CCE Scholarships for 2019-2020

Oftentimes, professional development doesn’t come without a financial cost. Here at the CCE, we believe that access to meaningful professional training and programs shouldn’t be exclusive to those who can afford it. With that in mind, we offer a set amount of scholarships for each of our classes to participants who work for public or […]

Professional Development On A Budget

It is no secret COVID-19 has impacted all areas of work. This includes budgets, and unfortunately, professional development is often an area of spending that is cut. But a lack of fiscal resources doesn’t mean professional development ends. If you’re looking to re-think professional development this year, scroll down for a couple free or low […]

Coming Soon: PMP Certification Changes

What’s changing on the PMP exam?  Some of the largest changes coming in 2021 are focused on content areas and the number of questions in each of those areas. Currently presented in a 200 multiple choice question format, the exam will move to a more written format to allow further demonstration of knowledge. Additionally, students […]

Making The Most of Online Learning

Online learning is a new reality for all of us — whether we’re starting kindergarten or starting a new job. But how can we take this new delivery method and truly get the best experience? Read along as CCE Associate Director Carrie Hawes imparts some tips and tools she’s learned along the way. When academic […]

Class Is Not Dismissed: The Decision to Pursue Additional Education

No matter when you last left a classroom, whether it was high school, college, or beyond, chances are good that you never stopped learning. In both professional and personal situations, changing, adapting and learning new skills are endemic to the human experience. In one of my favorite television shows, Shameless, the character of Lip Gallagher […]

Featured Interview: Lori Seay, Fine Metals Corporation

As one of our favorite success stories, Fine Metals Corporation out of Ashland, Virginia, sent multiple members of their small but mighty staff through the Center for Corporate Education for Lean Six Sigma training. Read more from their production manager, Lori Seay, about their experience and how investing in professional development has taken their team […]

Get That Money: Or, How to Ask Your Boss for Professional Development Funds

After days of Googling, clicking, and scrolling, you finally did it: found a professional development program that hits everything you’re looking for. The content is relevant, the facilitator is an expert, and the experience will boost the daylights out of your resume. It’s amazing! It’s perfect! You’re ready to hit that register button! Well, except […]