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Competence & Compassion

One of the primary ways you know you’re in the process of discovering your best self is if you begin to develop competence. Competence serves as a litmus test indicating you are well on the way to finding your sweet spot. If you want to have influence on the people around you, then you need […]

Creating Customer Loyalty

The Retail Merchants Association here in Richmond was kind enough to feature us and our upcoming workshop on customer loyalty on their blog! To read our post, head on over to their blog or for more information on registration, head to our website.

The Who, the What, and the Where

You’re embarking on a journey! Try to teach yourself to think of your career as an adventure. Like all adventures, parts of your quest to find your sweet spot in career and vocation will prove tedious. It may even be a bit boring, at times even painful, and sometime experiences simply to be endured as […]