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Scholarship Recipient: Jane Dewyea, University of Virginia

The Center for Corporate Education is proud to offer scholarships to participants interested in enrolling in one of our courses. One of our most recent scholarship recipients, Jane Dewyea, answered a few questions for us about her experience and advice for future participants. For more information on our scholarship program, visit the CCE website. What is your current […]

Gratitude Interview: Katie Fauth, Office Manager

Katie Fauth is the Office Manager for the Center for Corporate Education. Katie has worked in higher education in various roles for 8 years at Longwood University, Randolph Macon College, University of Richmond, and finally VCU. She enjoys long walks on the beach, her family, and all things history. Think back to March. What were […]

Gratitude Interview: Carrie Hawes, Associate Director

Carrie Hawes began her career connecting employers to talent from major universities including Duke University, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond. As the Associate Director of the Center for Corporate Education, she enjoys connecting professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to advance their careers. Carrie has an undergraduate degree in Communication […]

Gratitude Interview: Audrey Walls, Marketing Assistant

Audrey Walls is the marketing assistant for the Center for Corporate Education. She brings nearly 10 years of professional writing, coaching, and advising experience to the role, along with an appetite for all things career development. She holds an M.Ed. in Counselor Education, an M.F.A. in creative writing, and a B.A. in English. She lives […]

Gratitude Interview: Michaela Bearden, Senior Director

Michaela Bearden runs the Center for Corporate Education within the School of Business Foundation. In her role, she develops learning and development curriculum for clients around the world in leadership, management, strategy, and entrepreneurship. As an operational leader, Michaela helps clients assess their current state and identify incremental changes in culture, process, and strategy, to build […]

What We’re Reading: With Ann Deaton, PhD

Ann Deaton, PhD, is a fan-favorite facilitator with good reason. She’s led some of our most popular programs here at the CCE, including Coaching for Leaders and Managers, Leading and Developing Your Team, and more. We asked her what she had been reading or listening to lately that keeps her informed, engaged, and curious for […]

Your Virtual Desk: Why a Good Learning Management System (LMS) Matters

When our staff at the Center for Corporate Education realized that online learning would not necessarily be a passing phase, but the future of professional development, we made a strong investment in not only pivoting to meet our student needs, but improving on how we might deliver online content. With that in mind, we partnered […]

We’re On A Roll: CCE Scholarships for 2019-2020

Oftentimes, professional development doesn’t come without a financial cost. Here at the CCE, we believe that access to meaningful professional training and programs shouldn’t be exclusive to those who can afford it. With that in mind, we offer a set amount of scholarships for each of our classes to participants who work for public or […]

Professional Development On A Budget

It is no secret COVID-19 has impacted all areas of work. This includes budgets, and unfortunately, professional development is often an area of spending that is cut. But a lack of fiscal resources doesn’t mean professional development ends. If you’re looking to re-think professional development this year, scroll down for a couple free or low […]

Coming Soon: PMP Certification Changes

What’s changing on the PMP exam?  Some of the largest changes coming in 2021 are focused on content areas and the number of questions in each of those areas. Currently presented in a 200 multiple choice question format, the exam will move to a more written format to allow further demonstration of knowledge. Additionally, students […]

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