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When our staff at the Center for Corporate Education realized that online learning would not necessarily be a passing phase, but the future of professional development, we made a strong investment in not only pivoting to meet our student needs, but improving on how we might deliver online content. With that in mind, we partnered with LearnWorlds to provide an online learning management system that is accessible, thorough, and easy to navigate.

When you hear the term “learning management system” or LMS, you might wonder what it means, or more importantly, why it matters. Is it just a database? How can it enhance or improve my online experience in a course? We’re here to explain both.

A learning management system is a software application that administers and delivers learning and development programs, especially in online learning. If you’ve ever taken a class online or participated in an online training module, you’ve likely used some kind of learning management system. However, not every LMS is created equally. 

Think of it like a physical classroom or desk space where you would go to work or study. How is it organized? Do you have all the materials you need? How easily can you find them? A messy classroom or a desk that isn’t fully stocked with pens, paperclips, notebooks and binders can detract from your learning experience and leave you confused and frustrated. A good LMS acts much like a good classroom: clean, organized, and visually appealing.

We believe that our new learning management system at the Center offers such an experience. Here are some highlights that make our learning environment a step above:

  • Online Learning 101. We provide introductory information on how to use the tools needed for your online learning: Zoom, our LMS, and more.
  • Multiple classes? No problem. See all your current and past programs with the CCE on one platform and access the material from the programs for as long as you need.
  • Take it day by day. Our LMS includes “dripped” course content that is released each day of your program so you know what’s coming next without getting overwhelmed. 
  • Everything in its place. Videos, quizzes, handouts, and presentation slides are all available within the management system itself. 
  • No more e-mail chains. Updates and information will be made available within the LMS, so no need to search your inbox for an e-mail you might have missed.

For more information about our online programming or how our new LMS can work for you, please visit our website or drop us an e-mail at Whatever learning you need to manage, we’re here to help.

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