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Oftentimes, professional development doesn’t come without a financial cost. Here at the CCE, we believe that access to meaningful professional training and programs shouldn’t be exclusive to those who can afford it. With that in mind, we offer a set amount of scholarships for each of our classes to participants who work for public or nonprofit organizations, or are currently unemployed. Recipients are selected based on their anticipated impact to both themselves and their community.

Since beginning our scholarship program in Fall 2018, we’ve been proud to award several scholarships and funding opportunities to participants who demonstrate both positive potential and financial need. 

  • In Fall 2019, we received 22 applications and awarded ten scholarships totaling over $6,000.
  • In Spring 2020, we received 28 applications and awarded seven scholarships totaling $6,500.
  • In our current semester of Fall 2020, we received 24 applications and awarded 11 scholarships totaling over $8,500.

That’s over $20,000 to 28 CCE programming participants in only three semesters!

If you are considering attending a CCE open enrollment program and have questions about financial aid, please contact us at or check out our online scholarship application for more information.

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