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Professional Development On A Budget

It is no secret COVID-19 has impacted all areas of work. This includes budgets, and unfortunately, professional development is often an area of spending that is cut. But a lack of fiscal resources doesn’t mean professional development ends. If you’re looking to re-think professional development this year, scroll down for a couple free or low […]

Coming Soon: PMP Certification Changes

What’s changing on the PMP exam?  Some of the largest changes coming in 2021 are focused on content areas and the number of questions in each of those areas. Currently presented in a 200 multiple choice question format, the exam will move to a more written format to allow further demonstration of knowledge. Additionally, students […]

Lean Six Sigma Demystified

Quality improvement, operational effectiveness, and deficit reduction are all business goals that any organization would strive to achieve… but what does it all mean, really? And how does an organization, or even a single employee, begin the process? Luckily, the Six Sigma program is all about process. Originally designed as a process improvement tool for […]