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Beginning in January 2021, Project Management Institute, the governing body for the PMP Certification, will be changing its exam. If you’ve been thinking about sitting for your PMP certification in the past, now may be the time to take that leap. CCE Associate Director Carrie Hawes answers some frequently asked questions on what to expect over the next few months.

What’s changing on the PMP exam? 

Some of the largest changes coming in 2021 are focused on content areas and the number of questions in each of those areas. Currently presented in a 200 multiple choice question format, the exam will move to a more written format to allow further demonstration of knowledge. Additionally, students will be required to take their preparation program through a registered education provider*.

Why take the exam now? 

Our two part Project Management Essentials and PMP Exam Prep programs are a great way to prepare, study, and sit before the end of the year. Giving you the 35 education hours required to sit for the exam, Project Management Essentials gives you practical and applied learning knowledge of all things project management, while the PMP Exam Prep course prepares you to pass the exam and meet your professional goals.

Why choose the CCE? 

The Center believes that people learn best when they play an active role in their experience. To ensure active engagement, our PME and PMP Exam Prep programs are led by facilitator Jennifer Green-Romero in real-time – meaning you will be able to talk with her, ask questions, and collaborate, just as you would in the classroom. By leveraging Zoom and our new Learning Management System (LMS), you’ll have access to course materials, curated study materials and practice questions.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to add PMP to your resume, get in contact with us today. Register through our site or email with any questions. We’re here to help you with whatever comes next.

*The CCE is currently evaluating and applying for registered education provider under the new model.

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