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AFO Time Studio explores sight and vision in animation

Showing on the Cabell Screen Nov. 1 – 15. Sasha Waters Freyer’s AFO Time Studio students explored the idea of Double vision in a 45-60 second animations. Double vision could refer to seeing double or interpreted as “second sight” or it could be a medical, spiritual or aesthetic state. This Cabell Screen presentations contains fast-flashing animations […]

Edge: 2019 Qatar Fashion Show pushes boundaries

Exhibit will be running on Cabell Screen beginning May 23. “Edge,” the 20th annual Qatar Fashion show took place April 27. Created to support and interact with the developing Qatar fashion industry the fashion show is puts talent in touch with the industry. “The “Edge” theme is about undefining boundaries to discover new and unique […]

A Golden Year: VCU Fashion show shimmers

The video of the 2019 Fashion Show will be running on the Cabell Screen beginning June 11.   “Shimmer,” the 50th annual VCU Fashion Show, took place May 8 with presentation that included both small shows of about 50 pieces and the grand theatrics of the big show which included a sit-down dinner. The annual fashion […]

Comm Arts Expo 2019: Seniors showcase their portfolios

Friday, May 3, selected work from the Class of 2019, Communication Arts students, is showing on the Cabell Screen. In the Lecture Hall, these students will show their portfolio work in an annual expo from 4 to 9 p.m. The show and the expo features:  Diansakhu Banton-Perry, Examples of Portfolio Morgan Barnett, “Fighting the Serpent,” Digital Spot […]

2019 Pattern Project challenges students

The Pattern Project began as an annual Interior Design project challenging students to explore craft, material, concept, color, place and time. It has grown to be a transdisciplinary color-focused project called Tutto Bianco involving VCUarts students from Painting + Printmaking, Fashion, Interior Design, and Sculpture. Now in its fifth year The Pattern Project continues to […]

‘Photography is Magic’: Instagram short videos from PHTO-290 class.

Showing during November in the mornings starting Nov. 7, Instagram-edited videos from the students of Professor John Freyer’s class, Photography is Magic. Students of the School of the Arts PHOTO 290 class taught by photography and film professor John D. Freyer’s show highlights from their “Photography is Magic” project. During the fall semester, the students […]

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