Types of Exhibits

Want to display your art on the big screen or coordinate a class assignment that uses it?
Are you a student who wants to submit your big screen art to be shown during regular Student Showcases?
Submit your information through one of our forms or email cabellscreen@vcu.edu.

Exhibits for the big screen

  • “Exhibits” will be groups of 15 to 25 multiple related images or gifs, each displayed for 20 to 25 seconds. (This can be easily adjusted depending on the items or the artist’s vision.)
  • Stand alone video or kinetic installations will also be shown.
  • A committee meets once a month to discuss and plan exhibits in advance for the big screen, which will be programmed at irregular hours and mostly during high-traffic times at the library. (Most exhibits will be announced in advance in news articles or on social media.)
  • Materials displayed will have ties to VCU and be the work of students, faculty, alumni or feature public art in the VCU neighborhood.
  • The committee is open to ideas from faculty and staff, including critique sessions, screenings that showcase a classes’ final projects and more