VCU brims with talent. Share your work!

The committee programming the Cabell Big Screen seeks student work for regular Student Showcases as well as solo or thematic exhibits. We welcome ideas from faculty and staff, including critique sessions, screenings that showcase a classes’ final projects and more.

The screen is reserved for visually-engaging presentations including animation, short films, kinetic-art projects and rotating still images, and it is intended to showcase art, scientific images, library collections, data visualizations of research and other creative expressions appropriate for an academic research library.

The screen is not a billboard or jumbotron for advertising or promotional messaging. Instead, it is a platform for artistic and cultural expression, a way to make visible the unique expressions of the VCU academic and artistic community. Even on rare occasions when the screen will showcase a landmark campus event or a significant library event, the presentation will be artful or artlike.

Some common questions

  • Interested in exhibiting?
  • Email files for submissions to Email should have Cabell Screen Submission in its subject line and files should have artist’s name in them.
  • The screen has no sound. It will not be used to show sporting events or films or music videos.
  • Interested in tuning in but cannot come to campus? Watch via the Cabell Webcam, which sweeps by the screen once per minute.
  • Have questions or concerns? Email