Specs for Creators, Makers, Artists

Want to display your materials on the big screen or coordinate a class assignment that uses it? Are you a student who wants to submit your big screen images to be shown during regular Student Showcases? Submit your information online through one of our forms or email cabellscreen@vcu.edu. Please be aware that the Cabell Screen Committee meets once a month to discuss and plan exhibits in advance.

Quality Needs

  • At least 15 total images. More preferred.
  • Best images are bold and simple, without many fine lines
  • Please be aware that we reserve the right to size or crop images to create the best image for the screen. Sometimes, the best approach will be to focus on a detail of the work.

File Formats

  • Files should contain the artist’s name
  • Still Images
    • Highest resolution (dpi) possible – ideally 128 pixels wide x 140 pixels high, 300 pixels/inch, 8-bit color with a black background
  • Video Files
    • Video length can vary dependent on work
    • Video sized in either a 1:1 square format, or if they want to match the size of the screen, the aspect ratio is 35:32 vertical.
    • Video files formats accepted: mp4 (preferred) and .mov
    • Recommend exporting in Premiere or Adobe Media Encoder with the h.264 codec at 12 mbps.

Copyright and Permissions

  • Fill out our online permission form. The artist retains copyright and gives VCU Libraries permission to exhibit their work for a finite period.

Promoting the Exhibit

  • Provide a brief written description of the content and, if applicable, title of the exhibit.
  • Provide an artist’s statement or bio/background information.   

Technical Information

  • The screen is a combination of woven, semi-transparent stainless-steel structures, which allows daylight into the building. Embedded in the structure are LED. It is a visual medium only (no sound) and is not high-definition.
  • 21 feet wide by 24 feet high
  • Pixel configuration – 2-red, 2-green, 2-blue RGB
  • Color processing – 48-bit
  • Brightness – 8,750 NITS
  • Total LEDs – 110,592 pieces