Friday, May 3, selected work from the Class of 2019, Communication Arts students, is showing on the Cabell Screen. In the Lecture Hall, these students will show their portfolio work in an annual expo from 4 to 9 p.m. The show and the expo features: 

  • Diansakhu Banton-Perry, Examples of Portfolio
  • Morgan Barnett, “Fighting the Serpent,” Digital Spot Illustration; “Poisonous Blade,” Digital Illustration; “Bryn,” Digital Character Illustration Morgan Barnett is an illustrator and visual development artist, specializing in animation and graphic novels. S 
  • Meghan Bright, Digital illustration as well as screen prints.
  • Abigail Goss, Digital, original characters for various projects.
  • Susannah Grady, Senior Expo Illustrations 
  • Jeffrey Kelso
  • Angelica Kim, Digital, illustration
  • Mia Minnis, Human relationships depicted through fantastical characters, inspired by tarot cards. Digital illustration pieces.
  • Kathryn Murden, A gouache illustration created for an original series about a young girl, her dog, and their adventures 
  • Emely Pascual, “Battle between Human and the Sun,” “Sea Anemone” and “Boxerbun”
  • Katherine Skinner, Pieces selected for the Communication Arts Senior Expo.
  • Zhaoyi Wang, Illustration pieces
  • Tessa Weisenborn, digital puppy
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