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Running through the summer, selected work from the Class of 2021, Communication Arts students, is showing on the Cabell Screen. The exhibit features: 

Madeline Dang: Motion graphics artist and illustrator with a detailed eye making illustrations with delicate renderings. “Skulls Collide” and “Rendered Fun”

Brigid Donahue: Illustrator with a focus on the human figure as well placing that figure in a natural environment. “Dalha the Guardian” and “Shield”

Zach Duke: “By Catch – Before”

Pia Fermin: Illustrator whose works focus on narrative and character design. “Angelus”

Kait George: Illustrator with specialization in digital and traditional painting. “SPIRALS”

Jenette Harris: Illustrator and Concept Designer. “Plague Knight”

Noelle Hepworth: Digital artist with a deep interest in narrative-based media. “Sunflower” and “Tomie”

Nicolette Hilke: Illustrator who uses a mix of media to tell different narratives with diverse characters in my art. “Welcome to the Roaring 2020s”

Stella Ho: Illustrator working predominately in watercolors and ink, with some experience in digital art and sticker making. “Deer Walking” is most reflective of the style I usually make art in.

Joy Ingram: Marries the fantastical and modern life in their work. “Crab Adventure” and “Marching Band”

Erin Jhi: Illustrator who uses traditional drawing and painting to reflect cultural taboos, differences, and experiences which emulate the conflicting emotions of belonging yet simultaneously out of place. “Untitled” and “Untitled”

Elise Ketch: User experience designer, graphic designer, concept artist and writer. “Hazmat Cyclist” 

Jennifer Le: Digital illustrator and concept artist with an affinity for bright, saturated colors and dramatic lighting. “But Never Doubt I Love”

Laiyi Li: Designer and illustrator with a focus on light and atmosphere in my art. “Little Jizo’s”

Aurola Liu: Illustrator and character designer who expresses the emotion in my artworks with both digital and traditional media. “The New Bride with the Head of Her Groom”

Daniel Meyer: Animator and concept artist with a passion for character design and storytelling. “Warren & Kumoma” and “Baby Hotline”

Lydia Mutone: Illustrator and fine artist using a mix of techniques from digital to collage to create their final oil paintings. “Two Figures”

Joel Robertson: Illustrator, Concept Artist and 3D modelor. “Lord Stelianarx”

Eric Robinson: Works in pen and oil paint create visual narratives delving into religion, sexuality, spirituality, and the human condition. I’ve had the pleasure of having the pieces featured exhibited. “Reflections”, and “Dusk”

Carleigh Ross: Uses her CommArts and Art History background to reinvent classical conventions in her work. “The Masque of the Red Death”

Diana Thien: Character Designer and Story Artists seeks to contribute to meaningful stories much larger than myself, with characters that make you laugh, cry, and feel every beautiful and terrible emotion that makes us human. “Kiddy Kats”

Roslyn Thomas: Illustrator and character designer who builds fantastical worlds. “Robot”

Camille Varner: Traditional and digital illustrator specializing in themes of fantasy. “Sylfiel’s Awakening” and “The Raven’s Message”

C.A.P. Ward: Illustrator and comic artist. Visual storytelling is central to their work which spans a variety of mediums and genres. “Where the Lotus Sleeps”

Chloe Zorn: Illustrator and graphic designer explores the principles of ”hard and soft” in their work. “Quarantine Diary”

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