A few images from the 2019 Undergraduate Juried Show “Home Sweet Home” are on view beginning March 18.

Undergraduate student work is now on display at the Anderson. The gala opening for this end-of-semester show was Friday, March 15.

Artists created works from this prompt: “Perhaps home is not a place but an irrevocable condition,” contends James Baldwin in his 1956 novel Giovanni’s Room. Moving from Baldwin’s probing and nuanced provocation, this prompt creates space for a reconsideration of cultural assumptions about the home. Is home a real place, a fantasy, or something in between? Is it an ideological or economic construct, or something more? Is it about safeguarding the past, sustaining the present, or shaping the future? And how might different forms and practices of art making be brought to bear on ideas of the home, or domesticity, in a broad sense? How might we re-conceive notions of homemaking and domestic labor – traditionally associated (and pejoratively so) with femininity and “women’s work” – as historically relevant forms of artmaking? To quote Virgina Woolfe and her claim for the import of carving a literal and figurative space of solitude, how might we make a room (or home) of our own? And might the making of a room be conceived as a radical form of resistance? Although embracing ideas of the decorative, this prompt is not simply a call for the decorative arts and crafts. Rather, it contends that the idea of the home is equally architectural, conceptual, societal, and mythic, and implicitly shaped by privilege and prejudice. This prompt encourages artists working across all mediums to consider and reckon with the at times conflicting, ambiguous, and intimate space of the home.

Work featured on the Cabell Screen is by Marisa Alper, Michael Robinson (featured art above) and Caroline Thompson.

Participating artists in the Anderson show are: Marissa Alper, Abigail Bannon, Samantha Kathleen Bantly, Davis Boshears, Megan Brooks, Shana Cave, Carissa Coy, Claire Cullen, Denver Edmonds, Laney Engle, Chase Frost, Bridget Hamel, Riley Hammond, Sarah Hudson, Menley Hunt, Abby Huston, Zouella Jarman, Da Eun Lee, Cameron Leonard, Jessica Liebers, Alexandra Mihalski, Alex Norman, Joanna Patzig, Odile Postic, Michael Robinson, Thomas Rooney, Peter Rylander, Christina Sadovnikov, Stefan ScheerCook, Tyler Shebelski, Dorothy Shipp-Alliata, Peter Skudlarek, Marisa Stratton, Caroline Thompson and Scarly Zhao.



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